Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond – Vocalist/Guitarist

January 5, 2012 Comments

The more recent formation of the band Hidden Hospitals features lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Raymond, previously of Damiera.  Raymond showed a unique musical style in Damiera’s second album, Quiet Mouth Loud Hands, by incorporating intricate time changes in a more pop sound than their previous release.  Hidden Hospitals has just released their first EP, EP 101,

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Julian Eli Robaire – Fashion Designer

January 4, 2012 Comments

Julian Eli Robaire is a fashion designer already making waves while still in school. His approach to his work through political and social change is both interesting and intriguing. His designs were recently featured in an editorial in Papercut Magazine’s September 2011 issue, and his garment covered a French design magazine called Khube. Julian was

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Sean Donnelly – Film and Animation Director

December 9, 2011 Comments

Sean Donnelly is a well-established filmmaker and has directed music videos for Bo Burnham, MC Lars, We The Kings, and a concert film for Billy Joel. He also did the animation for the feature documentary Waiting For Superman. His commercial list is lengthy as well including AOL, Scion, VH1, MSN, and many others. Sean moved

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Life As A Ghost – Vocalist and Guitarist Interview

November 28, 2011 Comments

Long Island band Life as a Ghost has been working extremely hard to get to this point. Constantly reaching out to their fans at shows and through social media to grow their fan base themselves. All this work paved the path for their new album, Drifter, that is out now on Eulogy Records. Read on

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James Eowan – Film Acquisitions

November 25, 2011 Comments

James Eowan was kind enough to share his experiences about working in the field of documentaries and independent film. James is in charge of Operations at the distribution company, 7th Art Releasing. They have released many award winning films such as Art & Copy, Hell House, Academy Award winner The Long Way Home, Jews and

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Craigs Brother

Craig’s Brother – Drummer Interview

November 24, 2011 Comments

Craig’s Brother is a melodic punk band from Santa Cruz, CA and began around the time NoFx, Lagwagon and MxPx were in their prime. They got signed to Tooth & Nail at the perfect time with Blindside and MxPx breaking into the mainstream. Many people discovered the band through Napster in the late 90s when

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