Human Beings

Friday Feature – Human Beings

February 17, 2012 Comments

Ring the bell!  It’s Friday again!  Hope you all had a great week!  This week we’re featuring the short film Human Beings by Jonathan Entwistle.  This piece was so dope! (Yes, I say dope a lot and will continue to do so.  🙂  Think of it as my word stamp of approval).  I loved how the

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5 Things About Producing an Independent Film

5 Things About Producing an Independent Film

February 9, 2012 Comments

I’m currently co-producing/co-directing the feature film, Dealing, with 4 of my closest friends.  It has been quite the journey, and we all have learned a lot throughout the process.  Kristina Hill and Nicole Petrone wanted to share their “5 Things About Producing an Independent Film.”  Check it out below! 1. Expect the unexpected: Now I

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Friday Feature - Zero

Friday Feature – Zero

January 20, 2012 Comments

This Friday Feature focuses on the short film Zero. I first watched this short a few months ago at the request of my roommate. Knowing my affinity for stop motion and dark content in films, she insisted I watch it. I immediately loved it. It’s unfortunate that short film is such an overlooked genre, because

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James Eowan – Film Acquisitions

November 25, 2011 Comments

James Eowan was kind enough to share his experiences about working in the field of documentaries and independent film. James is in charge of Operations at the distribution company, 7th Art Releasing. They have released many award winning films such as Art & Copy, Hell House, Academy Award winner The Long Way Home, Jews and

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