Hit The Lights – Interview with Nick and Omar

Hit The Lights have three LPs, four EPs and countless tours to date. The band formed in 2003 in Lima, Ohio. The band veered off from their pop-punk sound with their latest release, Invicta. One element that stands out on their newly developed sound is the use of multiple drums. The new album was produced

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Missed Out Music Monday – The Story So Far

The Story So Far did not meet the typical qualifications for a Missed Out Music Monday but I seriously missed out for judging the band too soon.  I continually saw recommendations pop up on different sites (ap.net, alternative press, AMP) and dismissed them because I was getting tired of the influx of new pop-punk bands. 

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Ian Eastwood Faded

Friday Feature – Ian Eastwood: Faded

It’s Friday again!  Woot!  I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!  This week we’re featuring none other than Ian Eastwood’s latest dance piece to “Faded” by Tyga.  Trust me when I say this video goes OFF!  Ian’s style is really unmatched and unique.  I love all of his pieces but this one is

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The Knowing

Friday Feature – The Knowing

February 24, 2012 Comments

Everyone do the Friday dance!  If you don’t have one, then make it up.  Work with me here.  🙂  It’s my favorite day of the week, and if you don’t know that by now then you clearly have not been following along. It’s okay.  All is forgiven.  Now you know.  I thought I had this

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Inspiration vs. Robbery

Inspiration vs. Robbery

February 23, 2012 Comments

Inspiration. It’s an amazing thing. It’s a creative source. An influence you can pull from. However, sometimes “inspiration,” the actual word itself, gets misused. Use inspiration as a kick-starter to your OWN creativity. Don’t do an exact replica of your inspiration because that my friends is called copying. Think of plagiarism when writing a research

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Missed Out Music Monday – Secret Lives Of The Freemasons

February 20, 2012 Comments

My sophomore year at Columbia College Chicago my suitemate Pat and I had pretty much the exact same music taste.  He introduced me to a ton of great music.  One band I forgot about until recently was The Secret Lives of The Freemasons.  I had a few of their songs but never fully listened to

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