Missed Out Music Monday – The Story So Far

The Story So Far did not meet the typical qualifications for a Missed Out Music Monday but I seriously missed out for judging the band too soon.  I continually saw recommendations pop up on different sites (, alternative press, AMP) and dismissed them because I was getting tired of the influx of new pop-punk bands.  Maybe I’m getting old but I figure I would just stick with my favorites like MxPx, New Found Glory, Saves The Day, Midtown, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, etc.  Gotta roll with the changes I suppose.

I finally got sick of reading rave reviews about The Story So Far’s Under Soil and Dirt and decided to jump ship and listen to the album… WHAT?!  It doesn’t have whiny vocals?  The singer isn’t constantly whining about girls?  There wasn’t a single whiny girl at their show?  Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a whole bunch of music with obnoxious singers and most of them are listed above.  The Story So Far just happen to have a refreshing album that did not follow suit to many other bands in their genre right now.

I was editing a project and put the album on in the background with a preconceived notion that I would immediately hate it.  I got past two songs and looked up the lyrics to follow along.  That was over a month ago and I can say I’ve listened to the Under Dirt and Soil at least once everyday.  The first track is only 51 seconds long and is one of the best intros I’ve heard on an album.  When I leave in the morning I always start from the first track, States and Minds, because it instantly gives off an optimistic feeling that gets me stoked for the day.

Track 3, Quicksand, has one hell of an energetic breakdown where people went nuts at the show.  The next track, Swords and Pens, ties in with States and Main with the repeating line, “I’m falling in and out again,” a theme throughout the album. Another great line from that track is, “What do you know, my shoes are my own.  Tread the granite till you find some kind of place to call home.”  This album is jam packed with gem after gem.

Check out the music video for Quicksand and be prepared to not sit still at 1:39.

The best track on the album is Four Years. There is one line that always rings out through the day and has stuck with me, “But did I make the most of every day? And did I give to not receive?”  The majority of the album features lines that are relatable and, besides the phenomenal musicianship, the lyrics alone will place Under Dirt And Soil in the constant spin category.

This album brings me back to when I got New Found Glory’s Nothing Gold Can Stay.  I had a feeling that I was discovering a band that only a few knew about but was definitely going to blow up.  The last track on NFG’s Sticks and Stones is called The Story So Far, which I’m sure is not a coincidence.  This band has been around for a few years and they deserve all the acclaim they are receiving.  Please don’t be stubborn like me and just check out The Story So Far, despite yet another rave review for the band.

Look out for an interview from The American Scene, opener for Story So Far, to be posted later this week.

Listen to Under Dirt and Soil on Spotify.


Written by Rob Marcacci