Mason Wear – Hyperion Clothing Founder

Mason Wear is a twenty year old college student at Baylor University and has already built a well known company, Hyperion Clothing. Mason is a business student at Baylor and this helps him with Hyperion in order to keep track of finances, start a DBA and marketing as well. Read on to see why Mason’s clothing line is successful and how he plans on growing the company to make not only shirts but jeans and shorts as well.


Rob Marcacci: When were you first interested in starting your own clothing line?

Mason Wear: It is something that I always wanted to do. I’ve always had this urge to create. I have never been too artistic per say. With this I can take my ideas and go through someone else. My friend Hunter does all my designs.


RM: Do you draw?

MW: No I do not. The designs are all conceptual. I will do some sketches but I am no artist. Hunter will take what I put out and translate it. We will do rough drafts and just revise and revise until we have something from the initial vision in my head.


RM: How did you guys meet?

MW: Though a friend of friend sort of thing. A photographer friend that I was contacting looking for a designer, he recommended me to this guy. We have become good friends since we started.


RM: How long have you been working on the line for?

MW: Since early October. Not very long.


RM: What artists do you look up to for inspiration?

MW: I like Arkaik Clothing. Jordon Abidor owns it. They are pretty big now. He is twenty years old and goes to ASU for business.


RM: When you first started applying to schools, how did you know which one was the best choice for your career?

MW: My whole education experience has been kind of weird. I went to junior college for two years and this is now my first year at Baylor University. When I was applying I was looking at all the business schools and I wanted to stay in Texas. I liked the campus here and they have a great program for what I’m doing.


RM: What classes have helped you with your business?

MW: Accounting classes have helped a lot. Keeping track of money is such a hard thing to do and you wouldn’t think accounting classes would make that much of an impact but they really do. That has helped me to keep everything in order.


RM: What other classes?

MW: Marketing classes have helped me a little bit. Social media is taking over the marketing world. All the big companies have a Facebook/Twitter account now. I did several webinars for social media and that really helped me the most.


RM: How do you use social media for Hyperion?

MW: I run everything through social media. The reason my company is what it is now is because on social media sites people are telling other people about my clothes. People just keep sharing and sharing. That’s how everything is these days.


RM: What’s your plan for the growth of the company?

MW: If you’ve seen the pre-order I have now. Then I want to slowly expand to more of a variety of designs. Then move on to shorts, jeans and full clothing line not just shirts.

RM: When did the idea of Hyperion start?

MW: It is something that I’ve always thought about in the back of my mind. I didn’t give it any considerable thought until August. That was when I got to Baylor. I took an Intro to Business class here and some guy did a speech here. He previously went to Baylor and he went off and started his own company. That was the moment I knew I could do this too.


RM: Did you always want to own your own company?

MW: My Dad has always been self-employed and that is something that I wanted for myself.


RM: Has your Dad helped you with your company?

MW: Yes he definitely gives me advice. He is a CFP, a Certified Financial Planner.


RM: My Dad is too and has definitely helped me out with advice.

MW: Oh sweet.


RM: So in high school you knew that you wanted to own something but you weren’t sure of what type of company?

MW: Yeah, I wasn’t too sure. I have always been into the music scene. That kind of thing made my look at Arkaik Clothing and other lines. It is something where I can express my creativity and have my own business.


RM: Have you ever thought about creating designs for band tees?

MW: I’ve thought about it but I definitely want it to be a bigger thing before I go pour money into that. They would have to be a pretty established band. I do sponsor some bands and endorse them. But I haven’t made any band shirts yet.


RM: How do you get in contact with some of these bands?

MW: Honestly most of them contact me. Band guys love free shirts. I get a lot of Facebook messages and tweets asking me to check out their band and to sponsor them. It is cool because I can listen to some upcoming music too.

RM: Where do you get your main inspiration for your designs?

MW: That’s a tough one. It started off with me thinking to myself, “what would be cool? What would people like?” Then I started developing this Greek style and ran with that. I have an Alexander The Great design and a trident one coming out. I am sticking with that theme for now.

My main inspiration would be my day to day life. I look out for what is going on around me. I don’t have one person or thing I can pin point.

RM: Are you in charge of all the finances?

MW: Yes, I do everything.


RM: Your friend only makes the designs?

MW: Yeah he does the designs. He isn’t part of the company. I contract him out and pay him for the artwork.


RM: Did you set up an LLC up for the company?

MW: I got a DBA for Hyperion with sole proprietorship.


RM: Could you talk about that process for people that might not know?

MW: It is actually a pretty simple thing. If you go to a big bank like Bank of America or Chase they can do it for you when you set up an account. All you have to do is fill out some paperwork at the bank and they can mail it in for you. You get your DBA back usually in a week and then the government knows about you.


RM: What is the benefit in doing a DBA over LLC?

MW: The reason I am doing it this way is because it is just me. If you are doing a company with several people I feel maybe it should be set up a different way, I want to do an LLC in the future when it gets better. At this point I do not want to make it a corporation.


RM: Do you have any additional advice for kids starting their own clothing line?

MW: I would say just go for it and take the dive. You are young and have nothing to loose. Make sure you keep with it and stay passionate no matter what you do. It will work out in the end. You can always learn from it too and you can’t go wrong with having more life experiences.


Check out Hyperion Clothing here.

Photo at the top of the post taken by Cagle Johnson. Check out his site here.

Written by Rob Marcacci