Friday Feature: Lyle Beniga – Nike Boots

Happy Friday everyone!  Sorry about being MIA these last couple Fridays.  It has been a crazy, but GOOD few weeks of busy!  And in this business, busy is a blessing!  There’s a LOT of new content coming your way here very soon!  We have been in the works with new interviews, columns, etc. and cannot wait to share them with all of you!  Thank you all for being patient and staying tuned in!

This Friday we’re featuring the one and only Lyle Beniga!  He was one of the first people I religiously followed on Youtube.  “Nike Boots” was a piece that I saw four years ago that put me in awe.  It was during a time where choreography was pretty new to the Youtube world.  This choreo is flawless, epic, and just plain DOPE!  I still get excited every time I watch it, and I always hit that replay button.  It’s a “watch twice minimum” video for sure.  Check out the original, a recent version, and a tribute piece below!  Get inspired! 🙂

The Original:

The Recent:

The Tribute:

DOPE right?  Gets me pumped every time!  Never gets old!  Classic.  Fresh.  EPIC!

Written by Angel Alzona

Angel Alzona is the co-founder of Art Room Collective. She is also the director of social media for Keyes Auto Group and a field producer for the Emmys.