Friday Feature – Human Beings

Ring the bell!  It’s Friday again!  Hope you all had a great week!  This week we’re featuring the short film Human Beings by Jonathan Entwistle.  This piece was so dope! (Yes, I say dope a lot and will continue to do so.  🙂  Think of it as my word stamp of approval).  I loved how the animal costumes embodied each character’s personality.  The art direction, cinematography, and direction were all on point.  I really enjoyed the entire film and the lighting and atmosphere that was created was impressive and stunning.  Great job by everyone involved in this project!  Check it out below:

Video info from Jonathan Entwistle:

Friends, Girls, Fights, Parties & Unicorns in the middle of Nowhere.


Watch with headphones if you can….

Written & Directed by Jonathan Entwistle
Produced by Charlie Kemball
Cinematography by Justin Brown
Edited by Richard Graham
Production Design & Costume by Beck Rainford
Sound Design by Anna Bertmark

Shot on Kodak 35mm with ARRI cameras

A Co-production with Stink & Blindeye

A Special thanks to all involved.

Written by Angel Alzona

Angel Alzona is the co-founder of Art Room Collective. She is also the director of social media for Keyes Auto Group and a field producer for the Emmys.