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Friday Feature – Chachi: DarkHorse

Happy Friday everyone!  We’re back with another Friday Feature!  This week it’s all about this 16-year-old phenom dancer, Chachi Gonzales and one of her latest video clips from the AXI 5 full feature film “The Legend of DarkHorse County,” directed by Shawn Welling.  This girl is amazing.  Her musicality and technique is always on point and is demonstrated fully in this clip.  S/O to everyone behind this project.  Production value looks great!  Can’t wait for the full feature to drop!

Check it out below.

Video info from ShawnWellingdance.

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Disclaimer: This film is a movie of redemption and good will. The characters in this film will portray evil which is overcome by the higher good of the force that lies within the Avenger played by ChaChi. Fire arms, fight scenes, explosions, snakes and helicopter crashes are used for theatrical purposes only and should not promote the act of violence in any way. The overall tone of this movie is designed to show the redemption of humanity and goodwill of those willing to stand up against evil.

Release Date:
Fall 2012 in select theaters

Song By:
Red Hook Noodles

Dance clip from the AXI 5 full feature film for theatrical release “The Legend of DarkHorse County.” Director: Shawn Welling. Lead: Larry Carrell, Olivia ChaChi Gonzales, Joy Willard.

The film run time will be 110 minutes.

Suspense / Thriller

Chief Camera Crew (this clip):
Shawn Welling, Duncan Johnson & R. Scott Budge.

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Written by Angel Alzona

Angel Alzona is the co-founder of Art Room Collective. She is also the director of social media for Keyes Auto Group and a field producer for the Emmys.