Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond – Vocalist/Guitarist

The more recent formation of the band Hidden Hospitals features lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Raymond, previously of Damiera.  Raymond showed a unique musical style in Damiera’s second album, Quiet Mouth Loud Hands, by incorporating intricate time changes in a more pop sound than their previous release.  Hidden Hospitals has just released their first EP, EP 101, and Raymond was nice enough to explain the DIY stance the band took with the release.


Rob Marcacci: Could you tell everyone a little about your current band Hidden Hospitals? How would you describe the sound of the band?

Dave Raymond: Finding beauty in simplicity, we clearly define the roles of our core instruments. When introducing additional sounds, we scale back our core instrumentation to accommodate. The sum is a taut and potent sound that spans – from pop to electronica to progressive – the breadth of modern rock genre.


RM: What moment in your life made you realize you were passionate about a career in the music industry?

DR: There was no single moment, but a series of moments: a journey towards an ever changing destination.  I was inspired by DIY touring, and had no idea how it worked… so I was determined to make it work for myself.  That was the catalyst.


RM: What artists did you look up to that helped mold your work ethic?

DR: An array of artists of all disciplines have entered and left my life at precisely the right time (seemingly). I am always seeking influence.  The combination of passion & conviction is more powerful than any drug, food, or paycheck.


RM: Were there people that tried to hold you back from your goal?

DR: Not one.


RM: Do you feel it is important for an artist/band to have backing from an indie or major label?

DR: There are no rules, just beaten paths. Labels are (at their core) simply a service / tool to the artist. If the service they offer suits your needs, then it’s clearly a good choice…but not a final destination.


RM: What are some of the benefits of your new band being entirely independent?

DR: The benefits are infinite – but you have to recognize them. Some tasks are better off being done by specialized professionals. But that’s not to say you can’t do them yourself. You just need to recognize which fights you’re willing to fight…and not fight all of them.


RM: You have always had a DIY attitude with your current and previous band; can you explain to people that are starting out in a band how important this is in the longevity of their career?

DR: This industry has a knack for helping those who don’t exactly NEED help. If you show that you’ve got a good work ethic (as well as a refined idea), you’ll start making waves around you. Even if you don’t think you’re being noticed, you are.  Most of all though, it’s beneficial to understand how much time managers, agents, labels, publicists put into your band.  It’s a full time job, and nothing “happens” by chance.


RM: Do you think location is an important part of a band’s success? Do you feel Chicago is where your band is meant to be?

DR: Location is important. You need to be in a place that can nurture your needs as an artist, and that art is well received. This is why we chose Chicago: Not one of us are from here.


RM: Do you have any other advice for kids that want absolutely nothing more out of life than to make a career in the music industry?

DR: Do something else for a while. Travel, see, do, work, love. Make sure that what you’re fantasizing isn’t just fleeting.  Music as a career doesn’t pay in money, as it pays in satisfaction and love.  If it paid in steady paychecks, then being an artist would be no different than doing data entry, or managing accounts for someone else’s corporation.  Experience everything else, and if music still stands by your side… embrace it.


Check out their new music video for the track Swan Dive:

Buy the album here.

Written by Rob Marcacci



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