Dustin Wallace – Guitarist

February 7, 2012 Comments

Dustin Wallace, featured on the left in the picture, is the guitarist for the pop-punk band With The Punches. The band started back in 2008 with the EP Keep It Going, followed shortly after with the infectiously catchy EP It’s Not The End Of The World in 2009. While pop-punk has been making a huge

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Brandon Gepfer – Vocalist/Guitarist

January 24, 2012 Comments

Post-hardcore band Placeholder from Pennsylvania is making a name for themselves by writing music that is lyrically honest from personal experiences.  Front man Brandon Gepfer and the rest of the band just got back home from a US tour.  In May they are heading back out on another tour in the US and a couple

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January 19, 2012 Comments

Dave Summers works with some amazing bands like Underoath, Thursday, La Dispute, Native, Thrice, Pianos Become The Teeth and many more. He makes a point to connect with the artists and not just show up at a concert, take a picture, then leave. He says that making a connection with the band members is crucial.

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January 13, 2012 Comments

River City Extension has been on the rise since their last full-length album The Unmistakable Man. The album provided a unique sound that mixes different genres like folk, punk, alternative and includes many orchestral sections in the songs.  The band has eight members with a wide variety of instrumentation.  The drummer, Mike Costaney, was nice

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Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond – Vocalist/Guitarist

January 5, 2012 Comments

The more recent formation of the band Hidden Hospitals features lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Raymond, previously of Damiera.  Raymond showed a unique musical style in Damiera’s second album, Quiet Mouth Loud Hands, by incorporating intricate time changes in a more pop sound than their previous release.  Hidden Hospitals has just released their first EP, EP 101,

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Life As A Ghost – Vocalist and Guitarist Interview

November 28, 2011 Comments

Long Island band Life as a Ghost has been working extremely hard to get to this point. Constantly reaching out to their fans at shows and through social media to grow their fan base themselves. All this work paved the path for their new album, Drifter, that is out now on Eulogy Records. Read on

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Craigs Brother

Craig’s Brother – Drummer Interview

November 24, 2011 Comments

Craig’s Brother is a melodic punk band from Santa Cruz, CA and began around the time NoFx, Lagwagon and MxPx were in their prime. They got signed to Tooth & Nail at the perfect time with Blindside and MxPx breaking into the mainstream. Many people discovered the band through Napster in the late 90s when

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