Creative Block

An Artist’s Worst Enemy – The Creative Block

January 9, 2012 Comments

All artists have experienced it.  It is that “oh no” moment.  The time where you cannot get your brain to turn on for the life of you.  All inspiration is out the window and your mind feels like a hollow room that you hear crickets and echoes in.  Maybe that was a little dramatic but

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January 9, 2012 Comments

This is our very first Missed Out Music Monday!  These entries will focus on albums that might have been overlooked the first time around.  It might be by back tracking a favorite band/artist’s catalog or fatefully stumbling upon a record by browsing in a record store, on Spotify, or da interwebz.  Thank you for visiting

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Friday Feature - OrigiNellie

Friday Feature – Son of a Gun by OrigiNellie

January 6, 2012 Comments

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s the first Friday since our launch.  How exciting right?!  For all of you returning to our site, we hope that you all have enjoyed it thus far.  And for all of you first-timers, welcome – take a look around and enjoy.  Make sure you keep checking back for more interviews and

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Welcome 2012

January 3, 2012 Comments

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting our site!  We hope that you will take something valuable from our content and learn from other people’s journeys and passions.  This is something that we wish we had growing up and it is our responsibility to continue the cycle of inspiration for the future artists.  We

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